Nov 102011

Bill C-18, the “Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act” was tabled in the House of Commons in October. It is aimed at dismantling the single desk of the Canadian Wheat Board, the farmer owned and controlled organization that markets all of the Barley and the Wheat from the Canadian Prairies.

The Canadian Wheat Board is an amazing piece of infrastrucutre that puts power into the hands of Canadian grain farmers in a global grain market that is controlled by a few huge multinational corporations such as Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, and Bunge to name a few. In a plebiscite in August of this year, 62% of wheat farmers and 51% of farmers voted in favour of the Canadian Wheat Board single desk, yet the Conservative Government is steamrolling ahead with Bill C-18 – aiming to have the bill become law by Christmas.

Today the National Farmers Union, released a call to action of Non-farmers to join farmers and act against the attack on the Canadian Wheat Board. Please click on the PDF below to find out the Seven Reasons why Non-Farmers should care…


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