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Grazing Days Grass-Fed Beef

As of today, Grazing Days grass-fed beef CSA shares for the 2013/2014 grazing and delivery season are on sale and we are accepting orders through our website. We encourage you to sign up early to secure your spot in the CSA – even if you are not yet ready to make a payment for the share – signing up holds your spot.


Additionally, we are offering Early Bird prices on orders placed prior to June 1, 2013. After June 1st, prices will increase by $0.25 per pound.


The demand for grass-fed beef in the 2012 / 2013 Grazing Days season was far greater than we could have wished for. As a result, Grazing Days sold out of beef before the end of November (7 months earlier than the year before) and we have managed to build up a waiting list of about 170 households who are looking for grass-fed beef (to put this in perspective, we delivered beef to about 250 households in 2012). This year, we will be raising the same number of animals as we raised last year and we expect to sell out of Grazing Days CSA shares even faster this year.


To place your order of Grazing Days beef, please visit our website:

How does the Grazing Days grass-fed beef CSA work?

Grazing Days is a farm just south of Ottawa in Manotick Station. We raise tasty grass-fed beef that is good for our health, our environment, our community, and our economy. Between May and November, Grazing Days grazes 40 cattle on our farm, following the Canadian Organic Standards. From October until June, Grazing Days delivers the frozen meat from these animals to households throughout Ottawa. (Unfortunately we are not able to deliver into Quebec due to provincial meat inspection regulations, but we do have a pick-up location in the Glebe).


The Grazing Days grass-fed beef CSA works similar to a magazine subscription. Grazing Days delivers beef in small portions of 10 or 20 lbs that easily fit into the freezer above your fridge once a month or once every other month, depending on what you order.


There are 5 different CSA Share options to choose from: (please click here for more details)

Full Share – 8 deliveries of 10 lbs between October and June. This works out to about 2lbs of beef per week during the delivery season.

Half Share (our most common order) – 4 deliveries of 10 lbs between October and June. This works out to about 1 lb of beef per week during the delivery season.

Bulk Share – 4 deliveries of 20 lbs between October and June. This works out to about 2lbs of beef per week during the delivery season.

Mixed Eighth Share – 1 delivery of 40 lbs of beef.

Mixed Quarter Share – 1 delivery of 80 lbs of beef.


Percentage-wise each box of Grazing Days beef contains proportionately exactly what is in a cow: roughly 25% steak, 25% roast, and 50% ground beef. Each 10 lbs box contains two different cuts of steak (2 steaks per package), one 2.5 lbs roast with about 5 lbs of ground beef divided into 1 to 1.5 lbs packages. Each 20 lbs box contains twice that of a 10 lbs box. The mixed eighth and mixed quarter shares contain respectively 4 and 8 times that of a 10 lbs box.


Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a way of producing and accessing food that focuses on the relationship between farmers and eaters. In this partnership, farmers commit producing delicious and healthy foods using agreed upon production practices. In return eaters agree to purchase food produced from the farm and agree to bear some of the risk involved in producing the food (related to weather, disease, and other factors beyond the farmer’s control).


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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