Apr 232013

farmGrazing Days is looking for a farm to purchase. Please help us find the farm we are looking for. If you know of a farm that meets some of the criteria we have outlined below that is for sale please let us know. You can contact us by calling 613-898-9136 or by emailing us at info@grazingdays.com.

Since 2010, Grazing Days has been growing steadily and we are now at a point where we have reached the limits of what we can do on the 65 acres of pasture we are currently farming. In order to continue to serve people in Ottawa with delicious grass-fed meats, we are looking to move onto a slightly larger property and hope to set up an interesting project with some vegetable farmer friends.

Below is a list of criteria that we are looking for in this property, separated into non-negotiable criteria, that the property must have, and negotiable criteria that would be ideal, but not a necessity to have on the property.

Non-negotiable Criteria:

  • Size: Access to least 150 acres of tillable land (owned or available for lease on adjacent or nearby land)
  • School: Access to French education
  • Geology: Good soils
  • Land: Managed without toxic chemicals or contaminants

Negotiable Criteria:

  • Price: up to $600,000 (ideal) up to $900,000 (with lukewarm interest)
  • Access to Market: Within 90 minutes of Ottawa, ON
  • Housing: Two or more units for two or more families
  • Outbuildings: Barn, Machine Shed, Shop, Garage
  • Zoning: Agricultural, or Agricultural / commercial
  • Features: Woodlot / Bush
  • Water: Source available for agricultural use



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