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Grazing Days is owned and operated by Paul Slomp.

Mr. Paul Slomp, Esq.

Hello visitors to the Grazing Days website. I was born and raised on a family dairy farm first in the Netherlands and later in Rimbey, Alberta. While I was growing up, I worked alongside my parents and siblings to learn the intricate art of managing soil, pastures and livestock. At the dinner table, our conversations often meandered between topics like family history, international current events, social justice, global farm politics, politics and religion.

At school, I enjoyed mathematics and sciences and I decided to study Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta. As a student, I became involved in an organization called Engineers Without Borders and started to think about issues related to community development and what role people from Canada can play in helping to address issues of global poverty.

In 2003, through Engineers Without Borders, I got the opportunity to work with rice farmers in Ghana, West Africa, to refurbish a rice mill that would allow farmers to sell rice that is ready to cook to the people in their communities. After Ghana, I lived on the Zambia-Malawi border in Southern Africa for 3 years to work with small holder vegetable growers to establish local markets for their vegetables and increase their household incomes to help them pay for school fees and healthcare costs.

In the Fall of 2006 I briefly worked with the Clinton Foundation and the Government of Rwanda to develop their smallholder agriculture development policy in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

In 2009, when I moved to Ottawa, I joined Just Food to coordinate a municipal food policy project called Food For All that is exploring how Ottawa farmers can make a living farming and how all people in Ottawa can get access to food that is fresh, nutritious and delicious.

In 2010, I focused my energy on starting Grazing Days. I believe that local food plays a central role in the relationships we have with our planet, with our communities and with ourselves. I believe that my role in our food system (and political system) is as a farmer and as someone who can bring urban and rural perspectives, global and local experiences to conversations around our food and food system.

Other things that Paul is involved in:

National Farmer’s Union

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Food Secure Canada

People’s Food Policy Project

Southminster United Church

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