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(*Please note that we are currently sold out of beef. In early 2014 we will start to accept orders for our 2014 / 2015 beef delivery season. Please visit http://www.grazingdays.com/our-food/our-beef/ for more information.)

It’s like a magazine subscription, but for beef.”

When you sign up to become a Grazing Days CSA member, you will be receiving a few deliveries of quality frozen grass-fed Angus beef. For more details please visit Our CSA Contract page.

There are five different membership options: a Full Share, a Half Share, a Bulk Share, a Mixed Eighth Share and a Mixed Quarter Share. Please look at the table below to see the differences between each membership option.

Full Share Half Share Bulk Share Mixed Eighth Mixed Quarter
Regular Price $760 $380 $720 $350 $690
Quantity 80 lbs 40 lbs 80 lbs 40 lbs 80 lbs
Deliveries 10 lbs X 8 10 lbs X 4 20 lbs X 4 40 lbs X 1 80 lbs X1
Delivered Every Month Every other Month Every other Month One Time One Time
Delivery Content Approximately:
5 lbs ground beef
3 lbs roasts
2 lbs steaks
5 lbs ground beef
3 lbs roasts
2 lbs steaks
10lbs ground beef
5 lbs roasts
5 lbs steaks
20lbs ground beef
10 lbs roasts
10 lbs steaks
40lbs ground beef
20 lbs roasts
20 lbs steaks

Due to the high demand for grass-fed beef in Ottawa in 2013, we are currently sold out of beef. Please visit Our Beef page to find out more information.

**Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns or if you are interested in soup bones, dog bones, liver, tongue or heart.**

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